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5 Things to Consider Before Finalizing Your Divorce

After a marriage ends, it is never easy for a family to cope. At Campbell Law Firm, PC, we are deeply invested in providing your family with compassionate, straight forward options for divorce. After 28 years of helping families through their divorce process, our Tyler family law attorney has compiled a list of common things couples should consider prior to finalizing their divorce.

1.How Will The Children Be Affected?

When parents decide to get divorced, the confusion and emotional stress their minor children are likely to fee is immeasurable. If you have young children, we suggest you and you spouse develop a plan for how you both will manage your children’s lives after the divorce. Are you able to keep them in the same school? Does one parent plan to remain in the same house? Providing your children with some stability during this time of change is extremely important.

2.Why You Need An Attorney

If you and your spouse are considering a divorce, you may want to consider hiring a qualified Tyler family law attorney to navigate you through this process. We understand it can be stressful and emotionally draining, with our guidance, we can provide you with a straightforward simple plan for divorce.

3.Developing A Plan

After you have consulted a family attorney, establish a plan for custody, including how you want to raise the children and property division. Discuss long term and short term plans to help both you and your children cope with the change.

4.Financial Considerations

Consider the financial impact your divorce can have on the following financial aspects:

  • Assets
  • Your Credit Score
  • Bank Accounts
  • Insurance Coverages

5.Divorce Is Your Choice

We understand that during this time you may want to seek the support and advice from friends and family – that is completely normal. But remember, you are your spouse should be the only people involved in making the decision to divorce. Our attorney is available to help advise you on what options are available to your family but ultimately the decision is yours to make.

We’re Committed to You

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