Three Considerations When Planning a Real Estate Transaction

Real estate has long been an interesting and promising source of investment for entrepreneurs and people looking for a financial venture. Buying, selling, and transferring real estate properties the right way and at the right time in the market, both locally and nationally, can be highly profitable. On the other hand, entering the real estate industries unprepared, or with incorrect information, can be folly. Every real estate transaction carries an inherent risk of profit loss.

You can equip yourself with some useful knowledge to improve your chances of making an optimal purchase or sale of a piece of real estate. You can also work closely with a Tyler real estate attorney who can help guide you through the legal aspects of the process. Campbell Law Firm, led by Attorney Bradley Campbell, has helped clients throughout the years deal with the most complex parts of real estate transactions and can do the same for you – beginning with a brief look at three considerations you should make.


The price of the real estate you buy or sell can depend heavily on the actual physical buildings and structures on the property. More so, the condition of those buildings is crucial. A house in distress and in need of repair will naturally have a lower market price than a home that has been well-maintained. The legal or ownership condition of a structure is also important, which is to say you need to make certain the property is not tied up with hidden liens or unstated claims to ownership.


Real estate transactions can become increasingly complicated if it also involves the sale or purchase of a business on the property. The known or potential value of a business can significantly change how the transaction is approached. Attorney Campbell is not only well-versed in real estate law, but also business law. He has unique and useful insight into real estate transactions that involve a business as well.


Do not forget the condition and worth of the actual land when buying or selling real estate. Some properties on the market have the most value in the land itself, such as those suspected to sit over a reserve of a natural resource.

If you have more questions or concerns about real estate transactions, please feel free to contact Campbell Law Firm, PC to schedule an appointment with our real estate lawyer in Tyler and Mineola, Texas.

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